Quyết định 250/QĐ-TTg ngày 29/01/2013 của Thủ tướng Chính phủ về việc giải quyết chế độ, chính sách đối với Chủ nhiệm HTX có quy mô toàn xã trong thời kỳ bao cấp chưa được hưởng chế độ của Nhà nước

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I would die for a mono neo. Just saying. Lol LV Speedy

  don't even know where to start...I go to a University in Southern California known to attract "Spoiled Children" (hope that doesn't give it away, haha) and I see plenty of designer purses used as LV Belt 

Lovely!!!!! LV Wallets


LV Men Congrats!!! What a beauty! =)


LV Store congrat the monty is ssooo cute


just got back from my three month holiday. The trip was very exhausting but the vacation was very well worth it. Anyway, during my trip I stopped over in Singapor Louis Vuitton Top Handles

Congrats, it is a beautiful wallet Bodystocking

I'd get the NF in MM, PM is quite small. The bag is pretty deep, so you don't need to worry about anything falling out. I also prefer shoulder carry over hand-held, and the NF has been the perfect shoulder bag for me. I currently have it in Ebene but am thinking about adding an Azur NF - it's just the perfect colour and style combination for the upcoming warm weather! Louis Vuitton Wallet