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I am interested in a piece of LV on the Yoogi's Closet website. It gives about four pictures, but they do not have a picture of the date stamp. Should I be worried that it's a fake? I've never purchased from Yoogi's closet, but I have searched the name on these boards and seen pretty good reviews and comments about them. louis vuitton purse


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Thank you ALL of you for your really nice commentsAnd thank you so much for letting me share.Here it's now time to go to bed - as I have a little princess that's awake veery early in the morning.... louis vuitton wallet


My husband and I travel a lot. I have worn my Azur NF during winter times in Canada, Montreal and Shanghai without any problem. I don't baby my bag and love wearing my Azur with my cream winter coat. :) louis vuitton luggage


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Leopard Zippy wallet before its gone louis vuitton handbags


My black MC french purse and white MC wallet louis vuitton luggage